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C&c3 Showdown: Pc Vs. Xbox 360

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When thinking about Real Time Strategy (RTS) games, people tend to think that it can only work well with the keyboard and mouse (KBM). I'm here to tell you, that is definitely a myth, if the game creator can make the controls work properly. I'll tell you that it's much faster and easier to manage your troops with a controller (or gamepad) than with KBM. I'll also give you advantages/disadvantages of both versions.





* Cheaper by $10


* Connect to a vast network on EA Nation


* "Box Select" instead of "Proximity Select"*


* Number grouping (easier to group)





* Scrolling is slow if you don't have a "non-gamer" PC


* Lag when there's too much enemy (50+), even on some high-end PCs


* No video-chat support


* No stunning graphics, unless you have a high-end PC



Rating: 8.8/10



XBOX 360:



* Controller buttons are very easy to access and are very close together


* Very fast scrolling through the map, no matter how many things are happening at once.


* Stunning graphics, always


* Video-chat support with XBOX Live Vision camera


* Rarely lags if you have many troops fighting. Even when the troops aren't drawn on screen.


* Connection to a vast network of gamers on XBOX Live.





* "Proximity Select" instead of "Box Select"*


* Keyboard number shortcut missing, must access group tab for groups.


* $10 more expensive



Rating: 9/10



* Proximity select is a way EA combats selecting troops, by first hitting A on the gamepad on one troop and hold the left trigger and choose the centre of your group to select the troops nearby, no matter what the troop is. Can be annoying when you choose more troops than you need.


*Box select is a KBM function where you drag your mouse and whoever is in the box is selected for battle. Not as annoying as the proximity select.


Of course there are people in the PC world would say I'm crazy for siding for the console version. However, I would tell them to try both versions and tell me if the console version is really that bad.


Verdict: Console



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How can anyone even ask this... I can run C&C3 fine on full on my computer i only have a gforce 6600. From as far as I've played, I've had over 100 units on the screen at the same time, just maybe a little choppyness not much. The Xbox360 is limited to the graphics end of it because there is no better choice, the game is set at "high" not "very high" as it's top is and that lowers the "stunning graphics" From what the PC can have and handle Scrolling is never slow and never hard, just click on the map and you go where you want... it's probaly harder on the controller because it can't move to the direct location of the target and click it. Infact you have to use a joystick which makes it even harder. There's no real need for video chat support.. I meen you play the person, it's a game, it dosn't matter if you can see the guy or not, if you want to talk to the guy you play against so badily get Vent, join a C&C channel one of the millions out there... and BAM there you go you can find people to talk to while you play.. or go to a lan party then you can sit across the person and be in the same room...

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