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Sean Kennedy: Tfm Patrolling, Tales from the Afternow

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One of my friends got me started on this stuff. This guy in Canada, Sean Kennedy, does a whole bunch of audio and video projects (he even had a couple of books published, but it's near impossible to get copies).

He has tons of cool media up on his sites, including a video series called "Patrolling with Sean Kennedy" which is all about survival when the world comes to an end and you need to live on your wits, what sort of "kit" you'll need (boots, tactical underwear, etc.) good stuff.

"Tales From the Afternow" is a post-apocalyptic audio series, where the future Sean is sending radio (mp3) broadcasts back to the past from "sometime after now" talking about how the world was messed up from nuclear bombs going off, plague, and whatnot. It's really really well told. It's compelling if you have the time just to sit and listen to what he's saying. I'm nearly done with all the seasons. Apparently he hasn't put up any new stuff since circa 2004, but it's still awesome.

Season 2 ends rather abruptly, and I guess it is a good thing because it was RIIIIGHT on the verge of "jumping the shark" as they say, where you get to that point in every episodic media where the original focus starts to deviate from the creator's original intent... Season 3, or retitled "The Witchhunter Chronicles" take place in the "present" (which at the time was 2004).

"The Witchhunter Chronicles" does not take place in the Afternow timeline, but rather, is Sean speaking into a cheap tape recorder, as a sort of audio diary... you'll hear a lot of the anti-corpolitical sentiments you hear in Patrolling up until you get into the final 3 or so episodes, when things take a turn. I have one episode left to listen to...

I don't recommend "Episode XXIII: G.I. Wish That I Were Home" simply because it's mostly just him in an army training camp in 1994 talking to his friends about how he misses them and how he doesn't want to quit training, even though it's rough... The only thing about that episode is a very very short tie-in with one of the Afternow plot points, but really it's not worth the 40-50 minutes to listen to. The beginning 5 or so minutes, and the last 5 or so minutes are good though. You'll notice a change in audio quality to know what to listen to.

So, if you start listening, start with Season 1: Episode 1, and work your way up to Season 2... THEN listen to the Witchhunter Chronicles.

If you liked Fight Club's philosophy, then you'll really appreciate these series.
If you're the kind of person who would likely turn it off, you're the one who needs it most :ph34r:


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