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Dotville Civilization Simulator

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Dotville is a civilization simulator. You have 50 days to become an emperor by making your people happy. You must build farms, marketplaces, smithys, and mines to generate food, money, iron, and turn iron into weapons. The weapons may be sold to build more, and used to build your army. Your army should be above 200 or you cannot defeat the evil square. Your army costs 1 dot, 1 weapon, and 100 bucks. Food is to feed your people and sell for profit. Each food goes for 1 buck and you dots demand a minimum of .5 food per dot. You start off with 1000 dots and it constantly grows from there. Iron is gathered from mines, 10 iron per mine. Smithys use the iron for building weapons, 5 weapons per smithy when iron is avalible.


Mines cost 3000 to build and give 1500 if you sell. Smithys cost 5000 to build and sell back for 2500. Farms cost 1000 to build and give back 500 for sale. Marketplaces cost 2000 to build and give 1000 for sale. Marketplaces help bring in income every turn and are needed to trade items for bucks.


There are two upgrades which bring happyness, status symbols and fortress upgrades. The more people you have, the more a status symbol costs so buy them early. The fortress upgrades cost 10,000 and are 1 per turn for 10 upgrades. Fortress give +10 happyness, status symbols give +5 and are equal to or more than the fortress for a max of 7.


The way to with in Tic Tac Toe EVERY time is to go in the following places.




(number is which turn to put where)




Play it at http://boredportal.com/?L=g.g&id=601

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