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Need For Helip

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HI ;)

I am a new member & this is my first partcipation ;)

I am reqired to compare SQLIGHT to SQLITE.

I need to fined matereals like defintion , features , advantages , dsadvanteges , websites ... etc about the "SQLIGHT" I can't fened any info about it ;)

plez provied me wthe some info . Thanks ;)

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I mean really, what is your problem here?


You can't spell, use grammar, type, express a coherent thought, or make a post without irritating everyone that reads it!


fined means to have a fine applied to you.

fened has no meaning in the English dictionary.

Maybe your should try find!

Please doen't have a "z" in it!


We don't do cutesy double spaced and centerd posts done in pink!


Now, there are a great number of people here that can help you and you can make a new post about this but do so in a professional manner!



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