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Help Needed:: Phpbb2 Mod :: Ip Country Flag 2.9.2

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I was using IP Country Flag 2.9.2 for my phpBB2 board at:



Problem 1:


I'm facing one issue with the mod.

Each and every time, when an user goes to "Edit Profile" page,

The user country will be reseted to the "Non Selected"

And the drop down will be shown like "Select your ISO.... flag"


Posted Image


How can I get the default selection in the dropdown as user previously selected flag?


Problem 2:


Yesterday I had applied the two fixes for 2.9.4 as mentioned here:


and here:


( The SQL fix has been applied manually by going to phpMyAdmin)



I changed all those default field values to "in" where "wo" was used!

Also changed lang file as:

Actual IP to Country >> Current Location

User Country select >> User Country


Now I'm facing one new problem friend!

Inside one topic itself, for some users ( with this zz.png flag)

its showing User Country select: as zz.png in one page

and some other flag in the next page!

I'm posting the screenshots here!


Page 1:

Posted Image


Page 2:

Posted Image


What will be the problem with the MODing??

Can anybody help me to fix the issue?






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