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Have You Seen "not One Less"? Its about a teacher and her students.........

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I had seen this movie quite a long time ago but it is one touching movie about a substitute teacher and her job at a broken shack of a school. As she starts getting used to the life style, One of her students leaves to go to the city to support his mother and pay off debts.

The substitute refuses to accept the fact that the boy wants to leave school so the later part of the movie shows she and her students working to get money to go to the city to find the little boy. There the boy begs while the teacher searches and searches and still does not find him.

At that point when she is at her lowest she gets to know about a news channel that will air her story and the teacher and student are reunited thus.
Because of her effort the school gets lots of funds.

The scenes I found most touching were The part where the class monitor talks of the shortage of money and chalks. Another part where the teacher hs no money for food so she eats the leftovers on tables of open restaurants.

This movie is a definite watch http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ You'll get the story here.

You can watch it I f you like the story.


P.S. Tell me If you have and give me your opinions and your touching moments.


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