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All New Wordpress Plug-ins & Widgets By M^e

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A bit of self advertising ;) I've been dabbling in WordPress plug-ins for a while now and have successively come up with quite a few. Here's the list so far. If you find them useful, feel free to grab them off my site and use in your own blog. Some of them are Sidebar Widgets, which means you'll need a widget enabled theme for WordPress. The others are simple plug-ins meant to perform other tasks.


Here's the list...

GARR (Google AdSense Referral Rotator) - A sidebar widget, this sits in your WP sidebar and keeps displaying random AdSense Referral buttons (as per your settings) upon every page-load.

curreX: AJAX based Currency Converter - Another sidebar widget which can be really useful for those who run Foreign Exchange / Banking related blogs. This little tool takes an amount as input along with source and destination currency units and provides you with the converted rate. The exchange rates are fetched on-the-fly from Yahoo! Finance making the conversions dead-acurate.

Unitary: AJAX based Units Converter - Yet another sidebar widget that can be serve as an invaluable addition to scientific blogs. This one converts between thousands of units of Length, Area, Volume, Speed, Weight / Mass etc. It's designed in a similar fashion as the last widget - both looks and functionality wise.

TailHitter: A cool plug-in that automatically inserts HitTail Tracking Code in each of your blog posts and pages. For those who didn't know, HitTail is a service similar to Google Analytics but with a twist. HitTail keeps track of ONLY the hits you get through major search engines and builds up a long list of "recommended keywords" around which you can build / fine-tune your content to draw further traffic.

LiveSig: Most ardent bloggers are surely aware of Lorelle on WordPress which is one of the most valuable resources on the net on WordPress and blogging in general. Her signature has always stood out as a beautiful example of calligraphy and adds a different dimension to her blog by effortlessly imbibing that much-needed "personal touch" to all her posts. The signature in question has intrigued me since I came upon her blog quite sometime back and I've wanted one of my own ever since. MyLiveSignature is a cool new service that enables you to create such a signature for yourself online and for FREE. Consequently, came LiveSig - my brand new plug-in which inserts such a signature right after each of your blog posts.

That's it for now... more to come soon ;) Feedbacks & Comments will be much appreciated.




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