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Oversteer And Understeer car handling woes

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I thought i'd post this here, because it didn't seem to fit anywhere else, and for me, driving is a sport. I've got a 1991 Corolla, made in Japan, it's been a decent car so far. Then i have a 2006 Corolla, "made in Japan" but assembled in Pakistan, and there are obvious quality differences. That aside, my goal when driving is to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible, and especially in this country, it entails a bit of burnouts, hard corners, hard accelerations, harder braking. The new Corolla handles fine, or as well as can be expected from a stock car with stock everything. They're both front wheel drive, and tend to oversteer when pushed to the limit. But the old one lately has been handling strangely. At moderate to relatively high speeds, it oversteers. Hard cornering under acceleration also oversteers. But if i'm going at a very high speed (which is anything over 100 km/h for that car) and i take an off ramp from the highway (one of those ribbon 360 degree bends), with braking or without braking, the car will understeer and if not corrected it goes into a tailspin. Only during the last month or two has it started understeering, so what could be causing it?

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