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Jonny Dark

Fallout 2

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Well I don't know if much of you guy know about this game, but it is a game that takes place after World War III which is a nuclear war. So basically every body like starts over, like when you start out u are mart of a tribe you have to go through this Trial to see if you are the chosen one, well really its very easy as a matter a fact. but any ways, the main objective of this game is you have to find what is called a G.E.C.K. which is Garden of Eden Creation Kit. Because your tribe is about to die so you have to like make it flourish with the G.E.C.K. I also love it cause it has wicked violence in it and also has swearing and yeah you get it, I would recomend it. But i must say it is very very hard to come across since it was mad in 1998 i think but yeah if you just find a torrent of the ISO and get daemon tools to read the file that also works to without trying to find it.

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