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Wordpress Widgets Drag/drop Bug ..

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For those of you new to widgets like me, I downloaded a new version of the widgets plugin from automattic.com >>HERE<<. A Bug was found in the script and the fix is as follows, for anyone having the same problem.


Problem: Everything seems to be installed fine according to the readme, the plugin activated, the scriptaculous files are in wp-include/js/scriptaculous. But when you go to the plugins page You cannot drag/drop the widgets. All that happens is you get the cross cursor but the widget box gets highlighted (selected) when u click and try to drag the widgets.




Find this in widgets.php (at line 203):


wp_enqueue_script( 'scriptaculous-dragdrop' );


Add this immediately after that line:


wp_enqueue_script( 'scriptaculous-effects' );


If this still doesnt work then try the most obvious work arounds.

1) CTRL+F5 For a force Reload in FireFox.

2) Clear your browser's cache.

3) Try another browser.


I came accross the same problem and started a thread at the wordpress forums and it has been resolved. Thought of sharing it with you. All credits to finding and fixing the bug go to Otto42 from the wordpress forums.





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BTW. I did the widget upgrade on WP 2.1 - and I didn't face any of the problem u described above. Could it be an issue with another WP version ?

Even i used a fresh installation of WP 2.1 and checked on Firefox and IE7, both didnt work for me. This Widget hack just helped me through. Probably a problem with PHP version ? or just my settings in the browsers. But as far as i know i dont change any settings in a browser .. EXCEPT .. the proxy ;) .. Its a curse to me .. lol
Btw, Check my blog out .. u'd like a few widgets i've used. 80% of the listed widgets in widgets.wordpress.com dont work with the latest WP build. But as always .. google is a true friend ;)


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