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Www.netvibes.com This site is pretty nice....

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I found this site and i like it very much.It uses RSS feeds for divs.Uses placeables divs so you can drag it around in locations.I think Google had something very similar to this.What do you guys/girls think?I give it a....8.5/10. =)Also, you have any idea what they have used to create this?>Thanks, SUN

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Im using netvibes.com for last few months regularly!

You can create one free account there to save all ur preferences including ur feeds list!

Its using Ajax technology to display items there! You can drag divs and place it anywhere in the page!

Many more customization options are available there! You can find some feeds directory in the left side there! Just drag them to the main window! thats all guys! you can get the feeds directory from the ecosystem available here: Eco.netvibes.com/.

You can insert many tabs inside a window itself! So its "ALL YOUR FAV SITES IN A SAME PAGE" !

yes, Its true friends.. Just try it here: http://www.netvibes.com/en

You can even see mail previews there! ( Including Yahoo, Gmail and pop3 mails supported there)

News headlines, sports headlines etc etc are available in a same page! some custom modules are available at eco system, using that u can even embed a complete web page ( not only a single site! many sites can be embedded) inside the window! Using embedded meebo.com chat module, u can chat using yahoo/GTalk/MSN etc in the same page itself!

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Wow, pretty cool. You don't even need to sign up! XD (I'm used to Yahoo! and Windows Live requiring sign ups and everything to have a personalized home page.) But, as cool as all their features (embed webpages! awesome!) are, I think I'm going to pass on this one, because, for some reason, if I set this as my homepage, I feel obliged to make sure I read everything there, which wastes my time. And then, I feel guilty if I don't read it, as if I missed some very important news article I wanted to read about or some uber cool image or comic. (In fact, I don't even use my homepage anymore. Firefox is using the previous sessions, so I never see my homepage anymore. Wheee.)


But hey, if I didn't feel that way, I would have loved this site. XD



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