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Looking For A Joomla! Mambot? Handy PHP Is Taking Request For Free Mambots

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While developing my website which is managed using Joomla!, I found that a great number of third party components come with everything except a SearchBot. I find it very frustrating that a developer would go to all of the trouble to make a decent component and not finish the job by writting a SearchBot for it. Funny thing is that a full component is much more complicated to write than a Mambot.


None of the forum bridges or components came with a SearchBot. So one day I sat down and started studying the process of writing a SearchBot for Joomla!. It turns out that there isn't that much to it. I must admit that the Mambot tutorials at Joomla! were not very good so I had to break open a couple of the default SearchBots and learn by example, trial, and error.


Currently, I have written 4 SearchBot and have request for 2 more but wanted to let everyone that uses Joomla! know that I am willing to develope new Mambots by request.


There are a large number of Mambot (Plugins) available at Joomla! Extensions so please look before you request. Thus far, I have only worked on "search" Mambot but the process is similar for more plugins. If I can't do it, I'll tell you!


Also, if anyone is interested in developing Mambots and would like to become a part of my website, let me know. New members are always welcome.


In addition to searching Joomla! Extensions, it is a good idea to do a websearch for the mambot. Some developers don't know to list their scripts on the Joomla! Extensions website. Here are a few tips when searching.

Mambots that search are usually called "SearchBots".

Discussion mambots are usually called "DiscussBots".

The relative component's name is usually included in the searchbot name

Finding a similar mambot to the one you need can give you insite to a possible name for the one you are looking for.

Review the name used for the rest of the compont's installation file as an example.

So using those tips and knowing that DOCMan comes with a Mambot for searching called "docman.searchbot", we can figure that the Mambot that searches SMF is called "smf.searchbot"!

But the doncman.searchbot installation file is called "bot_searchV1.0-RC-2.zip" and the smf.searchbot is called smf.searchbot1.0.3.zip!


Anyhow, if you need help finding a Mambot or you would like to request one form Handy PHP, just visit the website.


Hope this helps. :)


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