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Simple Orbs with Photoshop


This is the method I've been using for about a year now. I came up with it myself but based it from what I was seeing all over the internet. There are many similar methods and some really good ones (check out the tutorial from moonwitch).


Ok, here we go.


1. Make a new file with a size of 400x400.

2. Make a new layer.

Posted Image

3. Create a circle with the elliptical marquee tool. (Hold down shift to make a perfect circle)

4. Fill the circle with a color of your choice. I used #336699.

Posted Image

5. With the circle still selected, make a new layer.

6. Fill it with a gradient that goes from white to transparent.

Posted Image

Posted Image

7. Use the marquee tool to make an oval at the top of the circle.

8. Invert the oval selection (control-shift-I).

9. Delete the selection.

Posted Image

10. Select the area around the main cirlce (probably layer 1) and expand (Select > Modify > Expand) it by 3 pixels, make sure you select the gradient layer (probably layer 2) then delete.

Posted Image

11. Blur the gradient layer by 3 pixels.

12. Now go into the blending options and add a black inner glow, a black outer glow, and a semi-transparent gradient overlay. I'll leave these settings up to you because it's mostly personal preference.


So there we have it!

Posted Image


I hoped you enjoyed this. You can also use a similar method with other shapes to create that reflective effect.

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