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I have just made a new flash, It took me 5 hours to make. The file size is 4 Megs, but I don't know if it will upload on this site because I have tried on other sites but I can only upload up to 2megs per file. But I need at least 4 Megs. What is the highest file size I can upload on Xisto if I use my creds for the 30 creds one instead of the 10 creads one?

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Friend,I dont know about the maximum file size restriction here!I think, no restriction is here for the file size limit! you can use the full account space for hosting the file!For what, you are using that flash file? Is it for web sites? If its for web sites,then shall I ask you a question?Will you stay on browser if a page takes more than 2-3 minutes to load?So, don't use such a big sized flash files for animations in web pages! Can you tell me whats the flash file meant for? If it contains lot more images, then try this! Try to reduce the image size!(for that, just open the images used in some photo editing softwares. Photoshop is re commented for that!Open it in photoshop and go to: image >> image size menu! set the width of the image to less than 1000 . Its the better option! because, usually screen resolution width will be 800 or 1024 or lit bit greater! So after setting the width to that, goto >> File >>save for web! there you can see some template settings! select some settings there and you can see the image quality and size of the image! select the best one asnd save and then update the images! this will optimize the images!)After changing the image file size, go to library at flash and update the library images from there! like that you can reduce the file size!bye bye!!

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