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[cd] True Live - The Shape Of It Aussie Hip Hop

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True Live - The Shape of It


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Since True Live’s beginning they have been entrancing audiences all over Melbourne and even Sydney.



With an EP and a single under their belt True Live has now released their debut album called ‘the shape of it’.


This band has caught the attention of Molly Meldrum & Rolling Stone; Rolling Stone predicted ‘The Shape of it’ to be ‘the most epic Australian hip hop album yet.’


‘The shape of it’ takes us on a journey of how interesting hip hop can be. Chris Chetland (Scribe & P Money) has given this album a heavy bass feel. The first track on the album is a cello solo by Tim Blake, this is an ideal intro to the album and it leads into ‘Keep Myself Awake’ perfectly.


A stand out track for me is Carry Yaself feat. Joelistics (TZU). True lives MC (RHyNO) has spoken of his thoughts on hip hop in various interviews and this song comments on the massive ego carried by some Hip Hop artists.


All up I would recommend this album to anyone with an interest for music with individuality.


Track Listing:


1. Improvisation on a Theme

2. Keep Myself Awake

3. TV

4. Be That Cat

5. Carry Yaself

6. Question This

7. Evolution

8. Try Walk Left

9. Side Steppa

10. Let Out

11. Bounce

12. Truth of This

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