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Twilight Princess Tryout And Majora's Mask Boss Down

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Ah rejoice! I am so happy!



Today I got to try out The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on the Nintendo Wii. Posted Image

It was 'only' a little dungeon level but I loved it. I'm hyped. Ordering Wii monday. Haven't been anticipating a game like that for a long time!


Controls are smooth. While I had some problems at first when switching to bow, one will get the hang of it quick. Sword moves are coolest, shaking right hand and nunchuk voor the spirl moves. The bow aiming didn't go as quick as I thought, but faster than with the analog stick anyways. After a while I think you'll make your own gestures like pulling your bow. Fishing also takes longer than I thought, you need to turn the nunchuk for quite a while before you can land your fish.


The monsters resemble those a bit from Wind Waker, as well as that little explosion effect when they die. There are a set of finishing moves, which are done neat.


The boss, Pyrus, was the same as E4 demo I think.

Posted Image


Not too difficult, as I got to see the trick anyways from the people in the line before me. I had to get used to switching actions though - I messed up until I had only a quarter of a heart over and then dealt all the damage. The guy is cool; although lack of dialogue of course, walks around a bit on fire. I won't spoil any more other than I like the setting in the game like this a lot.


I got hyped, so I thought I'd play Majora's Mask again (ported version for gamecube, came with system). I quit playing it a year ago because I got stuck at a nasty water boss.

Played again for 3 hours, and in the end when the timer began to tick with 2 minutes left I began to give up all hope. Then in the end again with only a quarter HP made it. Damn I felt so relieved - continuing it soon. Lots of work to catch up to Posted Image



Posted Image

You bastard.


Posted Image



I wasn't too sure about getting a Wii this soon, but the controls feel nice, and this is the ultimate party console to me. Haven't really invited many friends over for stuff like mario kart (which is insane fun); but I plan to do so more often for Wii. And haven't been excited for a game like Twilight Princess for a long time. Never played ocarina of time or majora's mask before wind waker, absolutely loved wind waker; while other zelda fans may complain it wasn't as good as ocarina of Time "back then" on the N64. Guess I had an advantage Posted Image


I don't think any fans will be disappointed by the controls, on the contrary. And the Wii is looking mighty fantastic; pre-order time along with Twilight Princess and request review samples from Ubisoft.



Aaaah Gyorg.

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This thread has peeked my interest in the Wii, yet again. With only 7 days left in America until it comes out, I hurry to scrounge up enough money to afford one, even though it could be a while before I find a place where they aren't sold out by 8:00 AM on the first day they're out, and probably for a few weeks after. Although you probably won't see me out in front of Toys 'R' Us in a tent the night before, I can't wait for the Wii to come out.

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