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Intro introduction and question

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Hey guys, I'm new to the forums and first off I want to say hello to everyone! :P I came across a thread while doing a search on Google for .exe editors. I know that it's not possible to edit .exe's, but I have this one software for the game GTA San Andreas called San Andreas Advanced Controls (SAAC), and I was wondering if it is possible to make it compatible with another game of mine like Scarface The World Is Yours. SAAC is basically an advanced gamepad profiler for GTA San Andreas. I have never come across a profiler like this one, and I want my controls to be the same way with Scarface. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I came across your article by chance, however, I had a second so I checked out that app you mentioned.

I didn't actually run the app because one line in particular caught my attention before downloading.

* may not work with any other version besides USA (exe)

the link was session-based so i'm not posting it - though i found it in about 4 seconds with google.

Back to the topic, the program description says it's a mod for the game, and that it may not work on other versions of that game. This confirmed my assumption that this was not a general program that interfaced solely with directX on your system... they mention disabling menus in the game - this would only lead me more to believe it is either hard-coded with memory offsets and/or if a plugin set is available or would be, it would be a lot more work than even the average gamer could accomplish.

by the way, .exe's can be manipulated, although it's best to know what you're actually dealing with. at the lowest level, you can edit strings and other obvious data in the executable, as long as you don't overrun commands or other data. However, even this becomes more difficult depending upon both how the string might be encoded (ANSI,DBCS?) - and whether it's NULL terminated '\0' - I could continue to delve into simply the topic of basic .exe modification (but that would turn into a cracking tutorial which i needn't write).

For the task you mention, however, you'd probably be better off learning programming yourself and creating a program for use with Scarface. At this point you would probably need to learn the data format for your San Andreas program and program the conversion methods yourself.

I'm basically telling you I don't see it happening unless (correct me if I'm wrong) there is already such a program with identical features for the Scarface game, and there is already a data converter or importer for the said program.

Hope this helps...

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