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Battlefield 2 /2142 Battlefield Home

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I couldn't find a forum on Battlefield, so I decided to make one.


Ive got battlefield 2, Which is a really good game. I've played it a few times online (the 2nd time, my own teammembers shot me down :P )


The graphics are superb too. And my computer isn't that good either!!


Also, My friend has got the Battlefield 2142 Demo, and I'm downloading it (Its 1GIg from EA, for those interested)


Its supposed to be spectacular, and the plot is good too:





Yeah, so everyone's fighting over the reamining land, which is good, gives a motive.


Apparently, THE EU is involved too, what with them being the best supernation, or sommat like that.


Post here if you play it / want to

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