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Review Of Starfox DS

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This is a very unique game that takes advantage of all the features of the Nintendo DS. It heavily utilizes the touch screen and it has wireless compatibility between another DS or the internet.If you are familiar with the StarFox series, then this game does not disappoint. The first run through of the game is extremely easy, but keep in mind this is a StarFox game and has multiple endings. I've only beaten the game once, so I got the crappy ending.Gameplay: 8/10 - This game is not limited to just a flying game. There is some strategy involved prior to entering into the dogfight stages. You need to move the characters around on a map like turn-based strategy game. In game you are not limited to only playing as StarFox. During the course of the game, you will eventually play as all the characters. You use the touch screen to move the players around on the map to search out and find the "bad guys". This can get annoying because you are limited on the number of turns, fuel, and vision. If you don't defeat all the enemies in the given number of turns, the game is over. If the time runs out during a dogfight, you'll lose the dogfight. In the later levels, there is a fog that covers the map, so you don't know exactly where all the enemies/bases are on the map. The controls take a little while getting used to. The stylus controls EVERYTHING. There is no other option to use the directional pad. Any button you press will fire lasers, but the touch pad does the flying and steering. While playing the game, please refrain from sneezing. This will send your player in crazy directions if you keep your stylus on the touchpad while doing so.Story: 2/10 - This is a StarFox game, so the story is stupid and pointless. No one buys a StarFox game for the story, just the fighting.Extras: 9/10 - This game fully utilizes the extra features of the Nintendo DS. You can battle wirelessly with friends close to you or over the internet. The dogfights you can get in are fun if you both know how to fly. Otherwise it is just a bunch of rounds of each of you flying past each other. The online capabilities are great because you can show off how good you are at the game with anyone online.Overrall: 8/10 - Maybe an option to use the directional pad to fly would have been better. The stylus can be iffy at some times. However it makes the game very unique. I recommend this game if you are a Nintendo DS owner.

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