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[free Image & Video Host] Imagefilez.com

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Was just talking to opaque a while ago, and he gave me this site to view. Shure he hasnt been around alot lately, but this was keeping him a little buzy. I present to you our very own in-house FREE image and Video host ... *Drum Roll* ImageFilez !


There are many free Image & Video Host's available out there, and i dont disagree on the fact that some of them are good. But for me personally having a image host is kinda gooooooood ! :) .. why ? lol .. well my ISP is a pain in my @$$ .. and keeps blocking all those free sites.


ImageFilez allows the following file type extensions :

.jpg .zip .tif .bmp .jpeg .gif .png .swf .tiff .avi .wmv .mpg .mpeg


Max File Size upload would be : 5.00 MB(5242880 Byte)


And you have a choice of 3 Upload types : Applet Upload, Common Upload, URL Upload.


You also have an option to register and create a Gallery :D Now most of you at Xisto would know about this site. But for those who would ask why ImageFilesz ? Then the answer is pretty simple ..

Its FAST, RELIABLE and best of all rumours are, it will be integrated with asta's file upload in future ;)


So hop on to >> ImageFilez << and host your images & Videos .. so you could share them with us here :)




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