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In case you have not heard of it:

Your Spins is a online remixing community where members can remix songs and other can comment. With artists such as Moby in on it at only the BETA stage this could become a very popular site. I joined pretty much at the beginning. They have a great site idea. You can download a program that plays and allows you to remix the songs offline. It is called a Di player. Hence the file extension is .di It works in Windows Media Player. Although i have had no luck with this method i have hardly ever had problems with the online flash editors. This site is just for fun and nothing big. I am hoping to win their first contest and you guys should also try your hand at remixing. Right now there genre choice isn't that large, but then again it is the BETA stage.

If you are an artist you can download other software and have other remix your tunes! Just email them.

I am a member and is the 2nd most active person in the Forums. I am 2nd to the Admin lol. So if you wanna join PM me your EMAIL address and i will get you in. It's like GMail. You need someone already there to sign up or have to wait months to get in. At least check it out! It's a lot of fun even though i listen to punk, ska and metal i still have fun remixing the rap and techno tunes.

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