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Ragnarok Online Server

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Server Statistics

-Rates 15 / 11.5 / 5

-Run on a dedicated host

-Up 24/7

-No unbalancing item additions

-Rebirth classes

-WoE twice a week


We're a new up and comming Ragnarok Online server, as you've noticed above our rates were carfully picked to accomodate deticated players and the players who don't have time to spend hours leveling in 1 paticular zone. The server comes complete with a full job changer and free town and dungeon warper as well as a free healer in almost every town.


The server is meant to be a player freindly enviorment, The GMs will try their best with any problems you may come across, client or otherwise. Click on the link below to go to the forums (they require registration to view any of the content)


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Skyero is a nice 2/2/2 server with a nice staff. http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/



Free warp npc, legit GM's at 100%, Principal Town:Aldebaran, Event Town: Louyang, Dye Quest, Wings, Wedding, all the new classes, commands: @autoloot, @mi, @time



Phoenix Server


Rates: 2/2/2


CPU: 2GHz Xeon

Memory: 1GB

Emulator: eAthena SVN



Griffon Server(coming soon)


Rates: 150/150/25


CPU: 2GHz Xeon

Memory: 1GB


Emulator: TBD


Account aplication there (max time for the account creation is 24h)



Patch for playing at Skyero


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