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Datasource Object Limitations?

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I'm trying to build asp.net pages with an SQL Server backend. I am running into what I think is string limitations in SQLDataSource objects. But I could be wrong. And this could be the gridview doing this. I haven't tried anything else. I'm just learning. What is happening is when I include some columns from the data table in the sql of the SQLdatasource object it will no longer let me update records. I change the data and click update. It refreshes the page but the data doesn't change.The reason I was thinking it is a string length problem is because most of the colums that I can't include are dates that can be null or text columns where the column name is longer which addes a lot to the sql. I know I'll feel stupid when I find out that this was not the case but I've been testing this for days and this is the best I can do with my current knowledge.

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