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Text Based Game, Well Not So Text Based

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Thanks so much for the enthusiasm! One comment I've been met with is - "Why would I play a game where everyone can cheat?"This person has a point, since you can control the world, you can add any item you like and benefit from it. But in my opinion, that isn't playing a game. If I am not challenged, half dead, out of lockpicks - then I'm not playing very hard :unsure:The game is totally beta and can go any direction if people want to contribute ideas. I've has ppl ask for more containers per room, etc - so it is getting some good feedback.I'm just looking fwd to someone contributing some amazing quest, where I am challenged by riddles, puzzles, clues, strange things that make no sense - but I know they all have some sort of role in the overall quest.So the system has been built, is does exist! Where you can create parts of a virtual fantasy world.ThanksEliia http://www.createorconquer.com/

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