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Help Needed With Office 12 Beta 2 folder trees and files inside

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Really stupidly, after finally downloading my copy of office 12 beta 2, with office professional, groove, onenote, project, sharepoint designer, and visio, i extracted the files from each exe installer package into directories, and someone (probably me) deleted my original downloads. The problem is, that i can't install it now, because it wants the folder trees it would make when extracting normally. For example, groove: my extraction has it all in one folder, all files. Whereas the server version (which i'm not interested in installing, didn't come as a single exe file, and therefore has folder such as gdb, gms, grs, web, in which the files are all tucked away nicely in their proper spaces. so: it would be too tedious for someone to write down the full hierarchy of every file here, but does anyone know where i can find the list, even on microsoft's site. really to re-download it is not an option for me, as it took me over a month to do so.

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