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Using Japanese Characters In Windows A brief tutorial

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You'll first need to install the East Asian Language Pack for Windows by following the instructions here:

Adding East Asian Fonts To Your System


If your language bar isn't already open, then in your task bar you should see something like this:

Posted Image

Click on the "Show the Language bar" to open the language bar.


Next with the language bar open, click on the "EN English (United States)" to see your other language options.

Posted Image

Select "JP Japanese"


Once the Japanese language bar is open, select the "Input Mode" option.

Posted Image


From there, the list of the various input styles for Japanese will be displayed.

Posted Image

If you use "Direct Input", you'll continue to use standard English input as if the system wasn't using Japanese. Basically, anything you type on the keyboard will be what is displayed.

All other input types will use an invisable input dialog box which will allow you to type in what you want and once you are happy with it, you hit the enter button and it will be inserted into your document or text area.



If you are using Kanji in your image, then you'll need to cycle through each of the character options by pressing the space bar. This is because several Kanji characters may be represented by the same Hiragana character.


Hope This Helps. :(



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