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Adsense Tracker Greate Adsense tracker for ya all

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Hello all ,

I found a free adsense tracker and want to share with u people :(


u can get it from www[dot]adlogger[dot]org


About Adlogger

AdLogger is an open source AdSense tracker designed for web publishers and website owners. AdLogger monitors and records all AdSense activity on your page in real time and compiles the data for you to review.


AdLogger is the result of numerous website publishers developing code to better monitor their AdSense accounts. This script contains a powerful backend to process all the data and configure various settings to make administration simple and easy. Thanks to the help of other developers, AdLogger has become a powerful processing script which you might find indespensible for your websites.


It's become a surprisingly powerful program that helps AdSense publishers monitor their accounts with the primary purpose to combat click fraud before it becomes a problem. The last thing anybody wants is to have his or her account banned due to invalid clicks. AdLogger greatly reduces the chance of this happening by giving you advanced monitoring features and automatic disabling of ads for a particular visitor if he is clicking too many.



Features of Ad Logger


Detailed visitor data gives yo u much more information than your Google account page. For each user that clicks an ad, you can view visitor IP, hostname, operating system/web browser information, date/time of click, outgoing url clicked, ad format data, channel info, and more.


Primary security features allow you to combat click fraud by automatically disabling AdSense ads for visitors who are clicking too many within a certain time period.


You can view all activity logs and get key statistics that your Google account page never will. Sort by date, visitor, channel data, ad url clicked, and more.


Custom channels help you monitor your best and worst performing pages in terms of both page views and clicks.


Optionally, you can set up automatic email alerts. The script can send you an email every time a visitor clicks an ad. Also, AdLogger recognizes potential click attacks and can send you an email after mulitple clicks.



GL all :(;)

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