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Brainbench Certificates check them out, and apply, youll need it later

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Brainbench.com is an old company that gives their registered users a chance to apply for online certificates. Actually, you signup with them, and then choose your areas of expertise, then plan and take a test in skills that you want. Their tests include many areas:

Aptitude - Problem Solving, Abstract Thinking, Analytical Reasoning, Attention to Detail...

Computer Software - AutoCAD 2000, Excel, Photoshop, PowerPoint, Windows 2000, Word... (and hundreds of others...)

Essential Skills - English, Listening Skills, Math, Programmer/Analyst Aptitude...

Financial - Accounting, Financial Analysis, Investments, Oracle Financials...

Management - HR, Managing People, Marketing, Operations, Project Management...

Health Care - Anatomy, EMT, First Aid, Nursing, Pharmaceuticals, Terminology...

Office Skills - Customer Service, Filing, Office Management, Typing...

Languages and Communication - Business Writing, Editing, English, French...

Information Technology - ASP, C/C++, Cisco, HTML, Java, Oracle, TCP/IP, Windows NT...

Industry Knowledge - Automotive, Childcare, E-Commerce, Manufacturing, Retail...


The testing process (when you answer the questions to get certificate) is taken online, it works this way: you get 40 questions, one by one, you have 3 minutes to answer 1 question. You canno't get back to the question you just answered and change your mind. Only 1 question is correct while other 4 are distracters. Also there is no negative points if you answer wrong.


Certificate looks like this:

Posted Image

It cost's about $14 to get one by mail home.


Certificate is then valid in many countries and it's recognized by Fortune 500 companies.

Oh, and finally hurry up, because all of this tests are free until Bench Games II are over. Bench Games lasts until May 31, 2006!



Yesterday I taken 4 tests and get myself certificate from: CorelDRAW 9.0, Quark XPress 4, Adobe Photoshop CS, MS Office 2003 Fundamentals. And I plan to take more tests to be recognized as really skilled Graphic Designer.

Also, certificates are for real, my brother earned and get at home one certificate, while ago, when Brainbench where sending them for free. :P

Good luck, and if you sign up with them, post your opinions, and what certificates you earned! :D

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Cool... thanks for the info. I'm going to register now. Then need to run to my friends place for his great broadband connection.

Yea, good luck with tests :D

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