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First of all, you should've seperated the images in your post so we could've gotten a clear view of them. The first one is really nice, I like the color theme and all, and the font is really cool (and I liked how you inseretd the ".: x :." thing, even though it's usually only found ingame and not on banners :D).


The second banner is kinda plain, but still nice. Is that a second car behind the red one? If so, it should be brought out more, 'cause I can't make out what that is now. Looking at it more I realize it is part of a landscape, right? Well, you should've cut out the car more efficiently, but you should maybe look at giving it a slight blue glow. Anyways, I don't like the font though.


The blue one is a bit chaotic. I can't really tell what's going on here! The "S" at the beginning of "special" is really not clear enough, and the text isn't that comprehendable as it is (especially the "SpecialTactisarmy"). Give the text more contrast to the background, to make the transition between it and the gray beneath it more crisp. Don't do that thing with the gray first letters, because they're hardly seen. Maybe you can do that but with a different color. And what is the "a" in "army" not capitalized? And it also seems a bit oddly placed.


In short, I like the first two a lot, but as I said, the third one is just a bit messy and unaesthetic. Good luck! :P

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I agree with seec77, the first one is quite nice. It feels balanced (well, obviously with the two people on either end it ought to feel balanced) and the color tones complement each other well. My one complaint might be the font--I find it slightly too big. Perhaps if you made it just a bit smaller, it'd let the rest of the image show up more.


As for the second one, I don't really like the font. This might have something to do with me disliking sans-serif fonts, but Times New Roman just looks boring--like that of some normal print rather than a flashy graphic. Also, the black background gets to me. It would be nicer if you added some more decorations to it, as currently it feels rather plain.


The third one isn't bad. I just don't really like the colors--they don't mix well together. Usually green and gray work okay together, but in this particular one, I really don't think a green font and gray (black and white) photography go together very well. Personally, I've never liked 3-D font rendering. It just seems too MS Wordish (On MSWord there was that Word Art option with all the 3D fonts. I liked it at first, but came to dislike it as I saw better designs) The 3D fonts are too garish and out-of-place...Also, I don't get what's on the right side of the third image. They look like birds, but I can't really make it out. Perhaps it might be nicer if you made it a bit clearer. Overall, you could probably make the banner less gray. Somethings are going to have to stick out to make a difference to the user. :unsure:

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