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Twcs Web Page Constructive critisism Comments want please

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ok here it is after a while of art and designe i have finaly got it up and running considering that i dont know anything about web page creation, or hosting one but i think that i have done a good job at it what do you all think about.lol i think that i helps if i add the link to the page eh!! well here it is http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

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Ok, for someone who doesn't know anything about webdesign this site looks really cool! I've got a few things to say about it though.

Make the white surrounding your images, like the border of the menu, transparent so that the gray with polka dots background can apply to them too. The sudden changes between the background and the white is very unaesthetic in my eyes.

That counter on the bottom? Remove it! If you really want it (and I don't think it's that useful), put it somewhere else. I think the site might look cooler if the blue bar at the bottom was the lower end of the page, without that gray polka dotted margin beneath it.

You know the gray with horizontal stripes on the right? Add a bar like that on the left, but only a small one.

OK, the top bar. What's up with the really bad resolution? It reminds me of Supaplex graphics. That means DOS games!! The small part where it says "Home" and "Site Map" is great, but its surroundings are so blocky, what's up with that?! I'm really not good at designing or whatever, so I can't tell you how to do it, but I do have one tip: Try remaking that whole pulse thing (the moving electron, :D) in Flash, and make the two pulses at different speeds, so it'll always be more dynamic.

The logo's rotation sucks. Either keep it still or make it more transitional and less stucky (it looks as if it's trying to rotate, but gives up when it's almost there and goes back to it's former state only to try again)...

The other pages of your websites should have the same top bar, or at least the same top bar size as the front page.

Make the main font (the font that talks "About Your Company") smaller. Like the size of the menu font.

Put the copyright notice at the bottom in the same line!

I do think that's it. Lots of potential here though! I really like it! And I know I may seem a little critical... so just try to not get pissed off at me for coming here and pointing out your site's defects without being able to back myself, and try to fix your site according to my recommendations, as long as you agree with them yourself.


BTW, I really did not understand what the purpose of your "company" (probably not incorporated yet, right?) is. Try a bulleted list. :P


Good luck!

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