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Del.icio.us Bookmarking on the go

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We often bookmark sites in the browser, but they really can't be carried with all the time...Actually, with https://del.icio.us/, you can bookmark your sites online, which you can then access from anywhere, provided with PC and Internet connection. :D

At its simplest, the site is an online bookmarking tool.You have an individual page where you can tag a URL that you want to record or refer to. The page can be a bit confusing for the first time users, so, help is the link which must be followed to know the organization and working.
The bookmarking procedure on del.icio.us is same as on browser. The advantage is that with del.icio.us, you don't have to restrict the number anymore. All your tags are visible on the right of the page in a cloud view. You can also bundle sites under a particular tag to create an open folder of sorts, so that similar pages are clubbed together. Besides, if you want to use two tags for similar page, you can.

So, after creating the user profile, you can start tagging the site. For every site you have bookmarked, you see the total number of people who have also marked the site. Clicking on this statistic will take you to a page where you can click on any user's name to check out the site they have tagged, and view their choices. If you like something they have, you can bookmark that for yourself, or you can check out the people who have tagged the same sites as your host user, and you can furtehr conduct a search.

Surfing possibilities at the site are huge. For beginners, your search starts when you discover a similar interest-in this case a web site- with another user. From there on, you can search under particular tags and also keep a count of the number of bookmarks a site has received.

You can subscribe to sites under a particular tag such as "economics", and every site with that tag is redirected to your inbox. The site does not take for granted that you know how to use the page: it aids and guides you on how to go about tagging and using its features. There are also explanations for various tools and feeds such as RSS and HTML.

Navigating the site does need some getting used to. With del.icio.us, there's a little more work involved - it isn't easy to navigate right from the word Go. The initial couple of hours may be frustrating, but more and more use facilitates better understanding.
Del.icio.us is a welcome alternative to the other online social activities, IM and blogginig.

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