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Review: Some Magazzine Conceptual Sections view some of my works in spanish logos

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Ok, I must precede this by saying I'm quite critical, so please feel free to completely ignore me.

First impressions, I don't like it. I mean, it's not bad, but it just somehow seems dated, or like the old BBC logo thing. But, that could be what you're looking for, an reworking of somethings 80's-esque

It's ok, the composistion is quite good but the background is a little bit too busy for the smaller writing, even though it is white. That said, it is quite a small pic.

Ok, there is something not quite right about this, the image and the font and everything are very nice, but it's where the text is situated, it's not that it neccessarily needs to be in the centre of the image, but something about where it is situated right now is too bottom heavy, there needs to be something offsetting it to the top to have the text here.

I must say, I quite like this one, it's a clean looking and the image draws the eye in, while being framed by the information. very effective.

This is quite good, i like the green that meets the end of the main logo. However, I don't really like the font for the website. I don't know if it's because it's too tall or what, but it detracts from the rest.

Anyway, like I say...just my thoughts. Overall they seem like they would be quite suitable, i'm just nitpicking really. Edited by Seonaid (see edit history)

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