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[psp] Worms Open Warfare Review

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Yay! Worms is out! I run to the store and buy my copy, run back home because I forgot my PSP, insert it, and I take a first look...

First Look

Yay! At least it works, now, thats a relief.

I see a, like in every Worms game, an intro, and a funny movie. Oops! I shutdown my PSP by accident. I start it up again, and what do I see? More hilarious movies!

OK, enough laughing. Time to play.


The Game

Quite a surprise, that you can’t build your own map, only randomly generate it.

Altough you can pick your own backround and evironment, this ain’t enough.


The Weapons

Alright! My turn! I go to the weapon menu, and what do I see?

Lots of weapons are gone! All the good ones! No holy hand grenades!

Before I had a heart-attack, I saw there were still some classics.


Posted Image



Just A Game

My final conclusion is that this game is just a small game, fun and kind of addicting, but does not give that one feeling you always feel while playing a worms game.

I require this to every worms lover, but if you never played a worms game before, you should be ashamed of yourself.

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