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Ubuntu 5.10 - Free CDs Operating System on CD

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Well, before posting this topic I searched the forum for any such existence since its very common now and i hope most of you will be knowing about it. However, still posting and targeting for those who still don' know and really want to get themselves accquainted with Linux flavor.


Before I say anything on getting CD, it will be unfair if I don't describe about the distro. The distro is based on Debian, a popular and stable Linux release common among Linux community.


Now, what they are offering is FREE CDs of the operating system (Ubuntu Linux 5.10) which are delivered at your doorstep free of cost. What's more exciting is that you don't have to pay even for the cost of CDs. All expenses that are included are of postage charges. Again you don't have to pay before getting the CDs. All you need is register and request the number of copies of OS you want (minimum 5), and you are done.


I have already received the shipment of OS and it cost me just Rs. 5 (INR) for 5 copies of OS. To get your copy, just visit https://www.ubuntu.com/ and register yourself for shipit service and you will be mailed the CDs of OS.


What is their in the package?

Each copy consists of two CD-ROMs, of which one is Live CD which can be used as preview (i.e. you wish to see how the operating system will look like without actually installing it) and second one is Installation CD.


The installation of CD takes time since you get compressed installation which must be un-compressed to your hard-drive before actually installing the OS. I must add here that the installation is still text-based but the installed OS is worth looking at.


The CD is filled with all necessary softwares required in a typical environment. More packages can also be added later.


In the last, I would just say...Enjoy the FREE WORLD of LINUX.



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There are threads existing on the same topic. Good review though.. :lol: But lets not keep multiple parallel threads running on the same thing...


The earlier threads can be found at:

Ubuntu Linux Cds For Free (incl. Shipping)

Ubuntu Gives Cd Totaly Free

For further discussions please follow up on the older threads. Topic closed.

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