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Looping A Flash Animation Certain Times? also sound syncing.

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Ok, I am creating a short flash movie and I need some help. My first two frames is my loader, a basic, "IfFrameLoaded; Goto" type function. The next 9 frames is a small animation that I want to loop for exactly 20.02 seconds, and then I want to move from that animation and background music, into another animation and background sound.I'm sort of at a loss as to how to do this. Is there some way I can count the amount of time that a flash file has been loaded, and then have it switch to another layer with the other animation and sound on it? A "Goto; Layer 2, Frame 1" function seems possible, but i don't know how to make it so the first animation loops for precisely 20.02 seconds. Any help is GREATLY appreciated, as is swiftness in the reply, as this is a somewhat urgent matter. Thank you in advance! :lol:P.S. Yes, I am pretty new at flash, and I am using Flash 5. :lol:

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