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Officer Catches Woman Using Fake Baby To Drive In High Occupancy Lane

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For those who don't live in Toronto, we have a system called High Occupancy Vehicle Lane (HOV Lane). The following is the definition provided by Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO)


"HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) lanes are designed to help move more people through congested areas. HOV lanes offer users a faster, more reliable commute, while also easing congestion in regular lanes - by moving more people in fewer vehicles.


HOV lanes on Highway 403 and 404 are the inside (leftmost) lane and are identified by signs and diamond symbols on the pavement. The HOV lane is separated from the other general traffic lanes by a striped buffer zone. Vehicles carrying at least two people may enter and exit the HOV lane only at designated points, clearly identifiable by wide and closely spaced white broken lines and diamond symbol pavement markings."


Posted Image


More info about the HOV Lanes: Ministry of Transport Ontario, HOV Lanes


The article:

Posted Image

Officer catches woman using fake baby to drive in high occupancy lane


Wed Mar 22, 07:48 PM EST


TORONTO (CP) - A sharp-eyed Ontario Provincial Police officer is being credited with catching a motorist using a fake child to travel in a lane reserved for vehicles carrying two or more people.


The officer, patrolling Highway 404 in the city's north end on Wednesday, caught a glimpse of the bogus tot when a car travelling in the high occupancy vehicle lane slowly passed his cruiser. What appeared to be a baby dressed in a hooded winter jacket was strapped in a child seat in the back of the car.


The hood covered the child's face, but the officer noticed the arms were out stretched with no hands showing.


The driver was stopped and the officer found he was almost fooled by a stuffed jacket.


A 39-year-old woman from Aurora, Ont., is charged with improper use of high-occupancy vehicle lane and faces a $110 fine.


She told the officer that the fake baby trick normally worked, police said.


Source: Yahoo! Canada News


Never thought people would go to this extent to go on the HOV lanes. I am quite surprised.



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We have HOV lanes all over the States too. Dallas (city next to mine) has them ... as does Colorado.

So, a guy in Colorado used a dressed-up mannequin for over a year so that he could access the HOV lanes without being fined. They finally caught him - and the judge passed down a weird sentence. The guy had to walk around at a major intersection with his dummy and hold up a sign explaining why he was there.

Funny but hopefully more effective than just having to pay the fine.

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