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Server Info< Whats the name of the server? (The name of the server is RO From Heaven) What are the rates of the server? (Right now its 2000x2000x2000 but it can be changed if players what it changed Whats the max level? (the max level for job and base is 1500 and max status is 1500 enjoy) Can i be a gm? (Well if you know things about servers and making the server better sure you can :P) How do i download this server? (Well just go to the downloads page at the Site Is there any Lag? (There is No lag at all :o) Is there any Errors? (Nope No errors allways fully updated!) Is there any Lag? (No Lag at all Are the GMs nice? (Yes we are nice not like other servers that says nice gms and then they lie here we are good ppl) How long is the server on? (The Server is ON 24/7) What do you ask for us to do as we play in this server? ( Only thing i ask is to have fun and be online cause thats the all point of me making this server Does all the new jobs work? (Yes all of them work even Taekwon job Star Gladiator job and Soul Linker work!) Whats the Website of this server? (the site to RO From Heaven is http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ have fun there) Any Events? (Yes we do events weeky to make the server more fun :o) Any custom items? (Yes alot of them!) Any custom npcs (Yup lots of them here is a lil list of the npcs in the server below) Lottery npc Reset npc Adoption npc Welcome npc Messenger npc Warpra npc Stylist npc Marriage npc Morroc Raceway game npc card remover npc SkillPoint Remover npc Kaho and Balmung Quest npc Jobmaster npc House seller npc House Warper npc Skill Point reset npc Mall warper npc Vote dog npc Multiplayer Blackjack npc Bank npc platinum skills npc Monster vs Monster npc PVP 1 Vs 1 npc GM castle npc MVP warper npc refiner npc Pvp warper npc Skill Seller npc Party Event npc Helper npc Woe Warper npc WoE Setter npc Item for Pet Trader npc GM Support Room npc Heal Npc (And a hell of alot more ;)) Server Commands< @go @load @time @autoloot @iteminfo @date @uptime @warp @storage @mobinfo @load @follow @iteminfo For anymore info go to http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ or add me in msn my msn email is jamesgi_1991@hotmail.com or just post here If you get to play on my server i really hope your enjoy your time there thank you!

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