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Tactical Ops - An Old UT Modification

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Tactical ops is a 3d shooter game similar to counterstrike, and around the same age as CS 1.6, and some people think that tactical ops is actually better than CS in some ways.

The game mode is really a team deathmatch with some objectives involved, such as planting the bomb or escorting the hostages.

There are a number of guns including:



Desert Eagle


Of course there are more weapons than those, also there are a number of grenades such as:

Concussion Grenade


HE Grenade

Smoke Grenade

There are also alot of experienced mappers so that means there are alot of custom maps. Almost every server has a very extensive map list including alot of mappacks.


Pretty soon TO:C, which is Tactical ops crossfire, will come out soon. You could think of it as Tactical Ops 2, which will use the UT2k4 engine and will only be avalible as a mod (for the first few years anyway).


Overall try this game if you can get a hold of it. It would only be worth a few dollars now. Or if you have UT2k4 go try the BETA version of TO:C

And who knows, maybe this game can turn out better than counterstrike. :)


EDIT: I just noticed that advertising box shown above this thread showing tactical ops. At Amazon it is only $0.88!!

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I've played the original Tac Ops mod and it was pretty good for a UT variant of the counter-strike model, but I doubt it could ever compete unless the new one is WAY better then the old one. I just found the old one kinda clunky and basic. It was solidly made and had some fun value, just lacked anything to keep you comming back. At least that was how I found it when I played it :)

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Once they release a final version for the UT2K4 mod I can see me checking it out, haven't played UT for a fairly long while but it'd be worth breaking it out for a healthy set of mods to try out. Could be pretty sweet playing tac ops on that engine

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