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Tribes 1 Yes even though its old, check it out

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Yes tribes 1 is old.

That doesn't mean it isnt a great game, well it is a bit boring playing the 'ol base mod, but... now there is a huge selection of mods to choose from.


Anyway, for people that do not know what tribes is:

Its a 'futuristic' 3d shooter and strategy/team strategy game.

There are a number of game modes to play including:


CTF - Capture the flag

TDM - Team Deathmatch

But... that is pretty much playing the standard game (know as the base mod).

BUT other mods enhance the game ALOT, adding new weapons, new items and more functionality. The best thing is you dont need to download these. Most are server-side so you just fireup tribes and join any server.

Other mods such as the RPG mod use the tribes engine to make a role playing games. This is the only mod you will need to download to play.


The best part about tribes 1 is its free! Sierra released the game free a while back.

Some of the base weapons are:



Plasma gun

ELF gun

Laser rifle

All energy weapons will eat up your energy (obviously!), the energy is also shared with your jump jets, so watch out if you are trying to jet and use energy weapons at the same time!

I would say, just download the game, patch it to version 1.30 (installing the 1.11 patch first). The whole game is only around 135mb so you have nothing to loose!


download link: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/


also the system requirements (quite low, but some people dont have very powerful computers):

Minimum PC Requirements: Windows® 95/98/NT, Pentium® 166 MHz or equivalent , 32 MB RAM , 3D Accelerator Card, 4x CD ROM , DirectSound Compatible sound card , Mouse and Keyboard    , Misc. (Internet connection, extra software, etc.) , LAN Card or minimum 28.8 modem

(specs taken from Sierras website).



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I've got the game but even though it may be old on date, it is still good. The graphics are not bad either and the gameplay is interesting! Reccommmended for all!




(Image enclosed below)Posted Image

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