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MS Security Update CD

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Microsoft has released an ISO image of its JAN 2006 Security Update CD. The image is available free to download. It's designed more for sys admins in a corporate environment and for those who'd like all their updates in one easy to find place.


Details here


Seems like a good idea, especially if you can afford the time and bandwidth. Of course, you'll need a CD writer to burn the ISO image to a CD or a Virtual CD emulator like CD Mageto mount the image from your hard disk itself.


For home users, though I recommend the free AutoPatcher package. It's a bundle of the security updates that MS has released along with a collection of free utils that can be useful to the home user like codec packs etc. Various versions are available for use with existing operating systems - Win 2000, Win XP (both Pro / Home) , Win XP 64-bit and Windows Server 2003.

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xboxrulz: Although an ISO image of a CD would normally be 650 - 700 MB ( the size of the full CD capability), this one is less than 100 MB in size! So don't expect so many patches.

See this page. The size is mentioned in the blue box. The small size is due to the fact that only the major January patches are included. If you want an all-in-one solution, refer to the autopatcher link included in my first post in this thread.

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