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Review My Tutorials A new section under www.final-design.net

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I worked hard to make this done on time, so now it's time for you m8's to review this and say what you have to say... I've added a brand new fresh "photoshop tutorials" section on my site, so you are all welcome to review it, and give me your comments here.

Thanks all in advance!

Link to this section of FDweb is here.

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Wow, I went through some of tutorials and I think these are one of the best tutorials I have seen, simply because it is so much easier (and not to mention, helpful) when you have a step by step tutorial that you can visually see with your eyes. I think how you made it into animation form is the best part of it! But... I do have one suggestion. Since it is a tutorial and well, you know, tutorials are for people who may be completely new to photoshop (or who just plain suck at using it -- *cough* like me *cough*)... I think it may be a bit more helpful if the step by step animation were a bit slower... That way we can see what is going on more clearly than trying to figure out at some points what was being clicked on. Or, another suggestion could be if you can make the whole picture of the photshop program (and therefore the image being created itself as well) bigger. Then again... making that bigger would mean that it will take longer to load and though that's a downside to it... I think it will be worth the wait since your tutorial will be much better. Of course, this is just a suggestion and the end result is entirely up to you. ^__^ Well... I'm not sure if making the animation slower will affect the loading process or not but if it doesn't, maybe what you can do is have the animation slow down some and just keep the image size of the tutorial at that size because I think that the animation may prove to be a more... important problem than the image size. Because I think it would be a bit annoying if a person would have to keep on replaying something over and over just to see if they understand one particular step correctly.


Or, oh! Maybe you can create a "Pause" and "Play" button instead so (duh ^_~), the visitor can pause or play the animation any time he or she wishes. That way, you do not have to slow down the animation and just keep it at the pace that it is right now. ^__^ Though, uh... I'm not good at these things (apparently... hell, unfortunately) but maybe creating those buttons may be a hard thing to do, perhaps more so on trying to get them to work properly. -_-;; Bah... again, entirely up to you.


Hm... this reminds of a time when my professor gave me tips of teaching someone something. He said that if you give lessons on a subject, never assume that the learner knows anything because if you start to assume things, and teach in that sense, then you may be going to fast and the learner may have lost you at the very beginning. I say this because, well, from my experience, this is pretty damn true and the only way I know if the learner already knows the stuff is if I ask them. If they do, then I move on at a fairly quicker pace -- depending on where that particular person or group is at. If not, I keep the pace slow and I try to explain everything that I am talking about.


Now I just want to let you know this (if you haven't already) because some people like me, I'm pretty sure, find it hard to understand what some of the functions of tools are in photoshop. For instance, sometimes, when I click on (and I'm just saying this off the top of my head right now) Filter > Artistic > Plastic Wrap... it seems as if nothing had happened to the picture! (I really hate it when that happens... >_<;;) This is especially bad if you're playing around with photoshop and you want to know what this tool does when you click on it, what that element functions as, etc. I have tried reading some photoshop books and I swear... some of it are just hard to understand.


Bah, point being, if you want your tutorials to be just mind blowing and awesome (not that they aren't already ^__^ so I'd say to make them even more so) and you know, perfect for "Photoshop for Complete Dummies" ^_~, perhaps you can make little, um... notes on the side during the animation to further explain what each step you are doing when you click on this or when you do that to create so and so effect on the image. ^_^ But that would require more work... >_<;;; I'm really sorry for suggesting all these stuff that requires so much work.


Um... gah! Although it seems as if I made more suggestions than I did praising your tutorials... I really, really apologize for that. This is the very first tutorial I've ever seen that is even remotely close to be this... awesome, EASY, and just plain cool ^__^ so really... I am in compelte awe. I applaud you for your awesome work and actually taking the time to create photoshop tutorials for us in the first place! I've been looking for these -- especially ones that I can quite know what to do to create so and so effect. Although some I have found before are very useful and easy as well, others I have found to a bit confusing at times especially if most of it is in text and the some pictures that they provide aren't very helpful. (So you can imagine how simply happy I am to find tutorials all in animation. Whee!! *ahem*) Anyhow, once a-damn-gain, lovely, lovely tutorials. And though your site is a design site, thank you so much for sharing anyways.



-- scryoko


p.s. Bah! I'm so sorry I rambled on and on! I do have a bad tendency to do that... -_-;;


p.s.#2 I really, really love the layout of your site! The colors are simply beautiful (okay, so I just love blue... ^_~) and the 3D look of the very top menu is really nice!! And your final-design banner is awesome too. Can I ask what font did you use for the text, "FINAL-DESIGN.NET"? that you used in your banner? Really... very, very lovely. Other things I love that look so simple and yet it just plain fits are the title headings, for instance. That nice tint of blue for the background color and the bolded title of the updates fit perfectly with one another. Browsing through the links, I noticed the rollover link color is red and though this color certainly stands out, I think that perhaps it throws off the flow of the site a bit. I think that maybe if it were white, for example, it may look more appealing. I say white because I think it fits with the other white colored background that is already on the page and plus, with the blue shade in the mouseover background color, white colored text links would still be readable. Other than that though, very kick *bottom* site. /grin/

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to scryoko: well thank you very much for that loong review :D I've noted some of the stuff you pointed out, and i'll probably do that in some near future, it will be some big work to do there, but it must be done :D, probably this weekend. As for that font you asked me, I'll check it out, and send it to you, just PM me, with your email adress.

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Hmmmm... first I thought it was going to be a tutorial for web design, but it's actually graphic design, but no problem! I really enjoy it :D


Thanks. I'll make a tutorials for webdesign too, but later, when this section with Photoshop Tutorials is filled enough... :D

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