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Know Of Any Free & Good SWF To Gif Anim. Converter

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Hi folks,

????[/tab]Do you know of any good and free software that'll take a given .swf/.fla flash animation and spit out the corresponding animated .gif file ?? Or even frame-by-frame .gif output will do, coz I can then use a gif animator on it. I found this software called AdShareit ( http://www.adshareit.com/ ) - which claims to do the job, but it's commercial and in it's trial edition it puts this ugly watermark and X mark across the output.


[tab]If you come across any free one that'll do the job, please let me know. Thanks in advance :D




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Umm there was one I found somewhere that was able to convert a very small amount for free. I think it was called sothink decompliler or something but ya I used it a long time ago and i think you can take parts of an .swf and then umm you might be able to convert it to .gif but iam confused in if you want to edit it also? If you do why not get Flash 8 trial for 15days.

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m^e: got this from a quick web search -


I'm assuming you're asking this since you don't have Flash (editor not player) installed. Otherwise, in Macromedia Flash just click FILE > EXPORT > EXPORT MOVIE and choose ANIMATED GIF from the dropdown TYPE box. Also have a look at the Publish Settings in case this option isn't available in your version.

The general consensus of a lot of other users is to use MagicSWF2GIF. However it is $hareware. :-(

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