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I am pretty new here, and I was scanning the topics in this board, but most of them appear to be for individual text based games. So I figured that maybe we could expose people to the different codebases that are out there.First off, I would like to state my disclaimer: I am in no way a MUD authority, however I do have about 6 years experience playing and building on MUDs, and just less than a year programming (hacking up the code more precisely) one.I figured in my first post, I would highlight a few of the more popular codebases and then detail my codebase of choice.I would have to say that the most popular codebases reside in what is called the Diku tree. The reason is because all of the bases used the venerable Diku code as their foundation. Some of the more commonly used bases include Circle, Merc, ROM, and Smaug (the latter two actually being derivitives of Merc). However, my favorite codebase is realated to the Dikue tree only spirit. As the Diku derivitives are programmed in the C/C++ language and the one I speak about is programmed in Java. However, it retains much of the feel of the popular codebases, primarily in its interface, so that MUD veterans can easily adjust.So what is my favorite MUD engine (or codebase)? It is called CoffeeMUD, and its developed by a fellow named Bo Zimmerman. Let me list of the features that makes it my personal favorite engine:*Live Codebase (as in its still being developed)*Friendly Support Group, that ANSWERS questions!*ANSI, MSP, MXP support*Web Server for administration, building, maintenance*SMTP for mailing lists*Includes built in Flat File DB*Supports full blown DBs*Over 1200 stock Abilities*Support for MOBPROG or Javascript*Web-based visual on-line area editing tool*On line creations, don't have to reboot*Import CM, ROM, Smaug, Circle, Icey and other area files*Ranged Combat*Banking/Postal systems*Factions (Alingments, Guilds, Clans, etc.)*Crafting Skills*Item Durabilities*Fully documented, Programming, Building, and Scripting Guides!*Built in Java client for the webserver*Its Java, so it platform independent!There really are many more things I can't think of off the top of my head, if some of you are thinking about running a MUD, take a look at this codebase first.

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