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Badge Info And Secrets For City Of Villains

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Here is a taste of some of what I'm going to put on my site.


Here are some of the badges in the game:


Breakout :

Jailbird - On the third floor in cell number 15 (use the staircase near H.T. to get to the third floor)

Mercy Island:

Cesspool - On the middle of a concrete devider wall between two pools of sludge.

Chum - On a small island just south of Kalinda and Fort Darwin

Snake Charmer - South of the Cesspool badge in a large crater-like hole where you go to do one of the first missions of the game.

The Next Big Thing - Aproximently 105 yds. North of Arbiter Richard

Widowed - In front of the door to Ghost Widow's tower, south of the Chum badge.

Those are the first six exploration badges, and all of the badges for Mercy Island.


Here are some of the Supergroup badges:

Analyzer Base Defense - Take 20,000,000 points of damage between any one of the SG members

Improved Igniter - Earn 100,000,000 Infamy

Repulsor Base Defense - Pay off 1,000,000 debt between any one of the SG members

SG Mission Computer - Lackey other for a total of ten hours between any one of the SG members

Mega Monitor Plans - Collect 5 SG Badges

Mercy Island Beacon - Collect all of the Mercy Island Exploration badges while in SG mode

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