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Yahoo! Messenger Protocol Tutorial - Part 3

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Yahoo! started its life as âJerry and Davidâs Guide to the World Wide Webâ in January of 1994. Its creators David Filo and Jerry Yang, started Yahoo! as a way to track their personal interests. As word spread of this new effective search engine, resources were soon strained. Moving from Stanford University to Netscape facilities, and finally to its own headquarters, Yahoo! has become one of the largest Internet names in history.
At the end of the day Yahoo! is still a business and like all businesses, Yahoo! has to make a profit and adhere to a business model. Yahoo! follows an advertisement based business model. Similar to television and radio, Yahoo! provides a free service to its customers. In exchange, for this service, Yahoo! customers and users agree to listen, watch, or view advertisements created by Yahoo! sponsors.

With this type of business model, the more services provided, the more ads that can be sold, and in theory make more money made for Yahoo! Striving to make more money (actually in recent years just to break even), Yahoo! has added a abundance of services to its network.

Yahoo! Groups is a new spin on Usenet. Providing groups of particular interest, users can leave messages and photos in a group that are viewed as HTML in a regular web browser. With the acquisition of GeoCitites, Yahoo! users can now host their own personal web pages on Yahoo! Yahoo! Mail is still one of the largest and most used free mail services. Yahoo! has even gone mobile by providing many of its services to cellular phone users. These are just a highlight of the many services offered by Yahoo! Lastly and most important to this paper is Yahoo! Messenger. Yahoo! Messenger provides a widely popular instant messenger service to Yahoo! customers.


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