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Dead To Rights

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I just got done playing a 3D "max payne wannabe" game called Dead To Rights, and though it cost me $4.99 at a local Media Play, it's not a bad game. It actually has a lot of cool stuff going for it. The intro movie you see before you start playing kicks *bottom*. The FMV cutscenes are well done. The only thing is the linear levels, and the whole thing with enemies coming out of nowhere like ants. It's a great shootem up game, the bullet time they added works well. You can take people hostage easily. You get to control a K9 (I believe it's a Husky) that pretty much comes out of nowhere when you summon it to attack a bad guy (then you have to let your dog "recharge" before it can attack again).Decent plot.Hand to hand fighting that happens in the most odd places. It gets an A for having a really awesome environment for a final boss battle. You are in a furnace area with flames coming out of the floor and an open door to the furnace you can throw the guy in :huh: ...unless he throws you in first :) Check it out if you can find it. It can be hard as hell, but I found it so cheap, I can give it away if I wanted to (though I probably won't).

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