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Sk Goes Pvp Lineage][

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This is a tip, for someone playing Lineage][ as a Shillien Knight and mostly love to play pvp. For me, I wear Doom Set which will give me more Hp and just let my Con+3 Str-3and I dye with Con+5 Dex+4 Str-9 So my stat now is Con40 Dex38 Str29 You will see that Con40 will get more HP but surely Str29 make you damage lightly. It's ok, through your damage lower but you have a very good skill that is "Sting" and you have many mana (MP) to use skill till end of pvp.Stat like this, you will get HP about 3,900 (my SK level 62) but I use the Sword which add more 25% of HP so I got HP about 4500, so good. Like I said, for pvp, surely I never beat the magic character but I can beat all fighter who has the same level. Except Dark Avenger, some win and some lost.The Step of my pvp is like this : --> Firstly my have 3 cubic ready to fight, and --> open the fight with Freezing Strike --> Lightening Strike (if it's defect, surely win 100% ha ha) --> Guard Stance --> Sting (your cubic will fly to debuff your enemy, poison, slow, hex, break, drain health) --> Sting (for now your HP decreasing) --> Ultimate Defence--> (now if your enemy see you use UD, he may get away from you and you can't do anything, but he was wrong, you use Freezing Strike again --> Drain Energy --> Drain Health (SK has 2 Drains)--> and you try to Sting all the time (believe SK has more mana)That's the way to defeat your pvp, but as i said, Dark Avenger is mostly scared me, because he has a good skill, Stun Attack. I can kill his tiger all the time but he will stun me and call it again, and i must kill it everytime. If lucky, his mana will end very quickly (Human got very low mana), I will beat him.If you play SK as me, hope this will help you to pvp but please, anyone dye Con+4 Dex+5 Str-9, please tell me, how is it? Thanks.

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