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Expoactive: PPC Advertisement Program anyone have some experience with them?

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ExpoActive is advertising company, they pay for placing their text links to your webpages. Anyway I got a feeling that they contact people on random or some other basis, and then they place them a bid. Actually they offered to me some amount of money (I will not say what amount) for placing text link from their clients to my web. They claim that they will pay on monthly basis, via check or via some other secure money transfer solution. Anyway here is whole (censored) quote:

Our company ExpoActive operates an online advertising service and we are interested in purchasing ad space on your website. Right now we wanted to find out about placing a text based ad on the page http://www.final-design.net/

However we would also be willing to have our ad shown on all pages of your site at your discretion. Currently we would be willing to pay you $ for every click that this ad receives.

If you decide to accept this proposal please create your ExpoActive account using the following dynamic link
After creating your ExpoActive account you will be able to view the actual ad that we would like to place on your website. If you agree to display this Ad on your website you will be provided with a short HTML segment that you simply paste on to your siteĂs pages wherever you believe the Ad would be most effective. In the event that you feel the ad you have been offered would be more relevant on a different website that you operate, it is fine to place it there providing the visitor demographics are similar.

You will then immediately begin earning  $ every time a visitor of your website clicks this Ad. At any time you will be able to log into your account and view your balance. The money you earn will be sent to you via check or certified money order on a monthly basis.

We hope you choose to accept our proposal, as we look forward to advertising with you ASAP!


Pete Caxivo
Senior Account Recruitment

ExpoActive 3571 Far West Blvd. #94
Austin, TX 78731

Looks more human than Google's adsense contact huh? If anyone had some experience with them, please respond and tell us your review. Thanks! :)
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