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Bryce 5.0: Need Help On Making My Own Materials. I need help on making my own materials.

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I'm making a person out of the metaballs. He kinda looks like the aim guy. I've seperated him into groups and I'm trying to make new materials so I can have him look like he's wearing pants, has skin and has a shirt. Nothing is right for making shirts or jeans, can anyone help me???

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when it comes to materials in Bryce its hard from what I remember about it, it was hard to get texture and to get color looking right as well as bump and reflection and so on what I suggest is that you take an existing material one that has the closest details to the material you want and tweak it add color remove color and so on its not easy in Bryce as its not user friendly in that way, the other alternative is to search for Bryce materials on google there are hundreds of materials out there and they are sure to have one that fits what you want.Id suggest you get yourself a digital cam and take a pic of a part of the material and convert it into a black and white image that way you can use it as a texture map.Or better yet Use Vue 5 esprit and I can give you a tutorial on how to create a new material

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