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Quake Ii Om Mac Install Question How to install the PC version to patch

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OK, stupid question. I am trying to run Quake II on my Mac Powerbook. I have gotten sick of RtCW for a while and decided to go back and replay some of the Quake II stuff (single player; my reflexes, particularly during the winter are not really good enough for online FPSes) this winter. I have the Mac OS X Quake II port, I have the PC Quake II CD.Now, the directions for the port say to install the PC version and then add the Mac patch. OK, how in %$^#& do I install the PC version of Quake II on a Mac Powerbook running OS X???!!!!I can copy files off the CD if I know exactly how to copy them, but obviously the PC installer will not actually run. The only thing I can think of off hand is to do the install on a PC and dump the install dir to a firewire drive to move to the Mac. I can then add the patches and burn an actual Mac image to throw back into storage.It seems like I am missing something though. Is there no installer for Mac? I cannot find one on Google. How hard is a manual install? Is it something I could write a bash script for?Anyway, thought I would ask. I am looking at playing through the Mac ports of the Medal of Honor games if I decide to bother picking up a copy.

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